Snoring – Debilitating Condition Or Just Noise?

Have you ever thought why we only snore when we are asleep even though we keep breathing all the time?Well, that was a question that fluxed quite many people till it was found out that due to relaxed throat muscles, and increased fat layers on the throat aids snoring. The continuous inhaling and exhaling pressurizes the airways tensing the muscles while we are awake. For strength in the airways, there are numerous muscles that provide the rigidity required to keep breathing adequately but when we sleep, not only does the body and mind get relaxed and rests but even the muscles relax. When the throat and mouth muscles relax, it narrows the air passages and leads to snoring. It may not seem like a big deal for those who do not suffer from any breathing disorder, but those who have sleep or snoring issues need to be aware of possibilities of sleep apnea.Sleep apnea occurs when heavy snoring goes untreated and a person stops breathing while sleeping due to partial or total blockage in the air passages. Over relaxed muscles and tissue falls back into the throat causing disrupted and blocked breathing leading to fatal consequences.With irregular breathing and constant disruption due to snoring, the muscles relax and air passages narrow down due to not enough pressure for the muscles to be tense. In severe snoring case, there is complete blockage and a person suffering from sleep apnea tends to choke and gasp for breath for over 10 seconds in many cases.So how do you avoid reaching a stage when snoring turns into a leading reason for sleep apnea?
If you are looking for a solution to end snoring, try some of the over the counter drug store applications such as nose strips, throat sprays, nasal drops or there are some alternative medicine treatments like aromatherapy and homeopathy that can help reduce the extra relaxation of throat muscles.Once you tend to sleep well, with help from these non invasive treatments, the oxygen levels come back to their optimized levels and will allow REM or deep sleep that gets you feeling fresh and bright. When the body is constantly awakened from deep sleep, like when obstructions arise, the constant sleep interruptions lead to constant need to fight sleep deprivation without success. It is due to these debilitating nightly disturbances that sleep-snoring research has attained better results and helped develop clinically tested anti snoring drops and sprays.For mild and moderate snoring you can even try sleeping on the side, avoiding dairy products before bedtime, controlling your alcohol intake and stop smoking. Moderate exercise and even Yoga is known to increase oxygen in the brain with better blood circulation. Weight loss and diet changes can also help in the long run. Not only will these lifestyle changes help you avoid snoring to some extend but get your health back on track. It is never too late to begin but its best to look for an effective anti snoring remedy so that you remain healthy and fit.